Martine Stonehouse

Martine was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2001.  This finally gave her, the answer to a lifetime of difficulties and frustration of why she was so different from other people, and gave her the opportunity to overcome many of the obstacles that had been in her way to success.

She along with her husband John Gelmon are featured in the movie Transfixed (2015),about their struggle with Asperger’s, their relationship and struggles together, Martine’s fight to have her Transsexual Surgery funded, finding a surgeon, and finally their wedding in 2010.

Martine joined the adult support group at the Geneva Centre for Autism in 2001, and that is where she met John Gelmon. John and Martine began a relationship in 2003, and were married in 2010. They live together in Toronto with their two cats Autumn and Summer.

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